Welcome to Southside Baptist. We firmly believe that worship time is essential to the church and is also a very vital part of the Christian life. And also fellowshipping one with another at church and being fed from the word of God each service. Our style of dress is come as you are, for God sees us as we are. on the inside. Our worship is an expression and gratitude to our Lord and Saviour for His mercy and grace! And refresh our souls and mind each and every service.

We encourage our first time visitors to make their way to the welcome center and meet our people on the way there and at the center. You will be met at each door to our facility by a friendly greeter with a visitors pack for you to help you in your first visit with us. We look forward to meeting each one of you that attend our service and extend a warm welcome to you and your family!

Directions to our Campus
Sunday Morning Worship Times
9:45   - Sunday School
10:45 - Children's Worship Service
10:45 - Morning Worship Service
Sunday Evening Worship Opportunities
4:30 - Kids Choir
4:30 - Church Choir
5:15 - Teen Time
5:30 - Teachers Meeting - (The last Sunday of each month - all teachers must attend!)
6:00 - Evening Service
Wednesday Evening Worship Opportunities
7:00 - Kids Kings - meet in the Primary Department Room during school semesters
7:00 - Wednesday Evening Prayer Service & Message from Pastor Keith Taylor
Tuesday Morning Ladies Bible Study
9:30 AM - Ladies Bible Study Group meets in the Hospitality room on Tuesday mornings!
                  Ladies Bible Study Group does not meet in the summer months!
Tuesday Evening Worship Opportunities
7:00 - Tuesday Evening Visitation
Saturday Morning Bus Visitation
9:45 - Bus Visitation