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Thank you for dropping by our youth department at Southside Baptist Church. We invite you to come and see what great things God is doing for us here at Southside Baptist Church. There are many opportunities of service and activities that our youth are involved with during the course of the school year and also the summer months. Come and be a part of our youth department and enjoy all the benefits of serving so great a Savior! If you have a void in your life that just seems to gnaw at you constantly, nothing ever fills it, you've tried tons of things but still it is there - Then look no further than Jesus Christ! He is the answer to your needs!

There is great joy in serving Jesus and living life to the fullest each and every day. Knowing that He is always there and knows every problem you face, and the good news - He has an answer for each and every need, knows your thoughts before you do and will light the way each and everyday. No matter how dark or how deep your valley may be; the Lord God of the mountains is also Lord God of the valleys!  Come And SEE!


We welcome each and every young person to come and be a part of the Southside Baptist Church Youth Department. We look forward to serving our great God each and every week with Sunday School, worship Service Times and Teen Time in the evening at 5:15. Along with planned events during the year and fun fellowship meetings, we encourage each teen to be a vital part of our Youth Department.

We know that this life is a battle, and it's an uphill fight. But having God on your side is a must and learning to overcome this worlds problems with Him is crucial for a successful life. We want you to know that we care and are here for you in your life's situations. Having a church family there for you will always be a blessing in your life.

So we invite you to be a part of our youth family, and enjoy the things of God and good times and fellowship here at Southside Baptist Church.

Come and see what God can do for your life!

Phillip and Maria Russell



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